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 Oakland, CaliforniaTuesday April, the 25th, at 6:30pm. Kingstone 11 Cuisine, 2270 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA, 94612 presents for the first time in Oakland running the entire months of April and May the works of multi-media artist Jackson Shuri, Philip (Felipe) Pasqualino and M.O.A.L.

 Special Guest Speaker - DORKA KEEHN SF Arts Commissioner

Dorka Keehn is a San Francisco Arts Commissioner and award-winning artist. She chairs the Visual Arts Committee that commissions all the city’s public artwork and also works with developers on their public art requirements. Dorka is the co-founder of Sites Unseen, which brings art to neglected alleys in the Yerba Buena neighborhood.

Dorka will be at Kingstone 11 Cuisine on the Night of the Artists Reception to discuss the value of public art, and art in public spaces as well as some of her ongoing projects and role as San Francisco’s art commissioner, she will also comment on the works of Jackson Shuri, Philip (Felipe) Pasqualino and M.O.A.L.

Kingston 11 Cuisine is a premier nexus for fostering great affiliations, while positively breathing new life into Oakland and its surrounding communities. Step inside Kingstone 11 Cuisine and experience a friendly, community-oriented, innovative space providing consistent high-quality visual arts, electrifying music, performances and delicious blends of Jamaican and Californian cuisines. This is no doubt a cultural hub in Oakland for the culinary, visual and performance arts.

Committed to keeping multiculturalism alive in Oakland, Nigel Jones and partner Adrian Henderson provides a platform for artists and numerous organizations to showcase their talents and connect with the community.  

About The Artists
Jackson Shuri
Kinston 11 cuisine introduces to you, and to the Bay area community for the first time, the sensational Jamaican immigrant artist Jackson Shuri. Here is her story: Born as a result of a teen pregnancy, Jackson was later orphaned because of financial reasons, she was then adopted as a teenager from Jamaica West Indies and immigrated to the United States in 2003, where she lived with her New Family in Long Island for 10 years before venturing out on her own. She is a graduate of the Long Island University and is practicing full-time as a multimedia creative.  The 30 year old shares in the experience of most immigrant artist striving to establish herself as a distinguished member of the broader visual arts community, marketing, selling and exhibiting works wherever opportunities are present. Having lived between Brooklyn, New York and Miami for the past five years after leaving home, Jackson recently found out that her adopted mother married her (Jackson’s) ex-boyfriend and they both moved to Honduras to live happily ever after. With this disappointing news, Jackson decided to Jump from East coast to the West coast in January of 2017 to start a new life herself.  She is a recent addition to the Bay Area Artist Community.  Come on out and Welcome Jackson Shuri to the Bay Area Art Scene Starting on First Friday Art Murmur, April, 7th 2017.

A multimedia artist and U.S. Army veteran who traveled the world and lived in Germany for a while before returning to the U.S.A. M.O.A.L is a graduate of the Florida Atlantic University. M.O.A.L is an acronym for “Mind Of A Lunatic.” The development of M.O.A.L stems from the sum total of the artist experiences during time served in the United States military.

The artist suffered a series of trauma and turned to art as a way to cope with Family Life and the Society at Large. Having lived in several countries the M.O.A.L is universal the M.O.A.L is Half Men half Ape. We are all the M.O.A.L we can all relate to the idea of the MOAL. Come down to Kingston 11 Cuisine to see the M.O.A.L’s iconic half man half ape image.

Philip (Felipe) Pasqualino  
Between design-build and custom fabrication, Philip (Felipe) Pasqualino has been experimenting in Artistic Mechanix, specifically investigating the world he imagines as complex, tension filled interactions. These "in-tensions" he often sees as forces driven by scientific generators yet they are equally present in the interactions between individuals. These "in-tensions" he considers as starting points that reside not only in the singularity, but also expand into dualities and eventually into multiplicities: Tensions within an object, in relation from a viewer and viewers, in themselves and between each other.

Artists, be it visual, culinary or performance artists, are the gate keepers of culture, and there needs to be an ever evolving system of support for such individuals, accessible platforms are a must to showcase creative works. Unconventional gallery and public spaces like Kingston 11 Cuisine is bridging this Gap.  To further support Kingston 11 cuisine and to make it possible for them to keep doing community service and hosting artist exhibitions, make a table reservation for the artist's Reception, plan to dine in support of the Arts. The date again is Tuesday April, the 25th, at 6:30pm-9:30pm. Kingstone 11 Cuisine, 2270 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA, 94612 Tel: (510) 465-2558.

Come out and meet all three artists in person on the 25th of April, support the artists by spreading the word, learning about their practice, and don't forget to invest and commission works.


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